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Watch Hoarders Online

Watch Series - Hoarders

Release Year: 2009
Genre: Reality-TV
External Links: IMDB
No. of episodes: 84 episodes

Description : I'm very curious about how this show is produced. How do they find the participants? Why do the participants, who almost always say how embarrassed and ashamed they are to admit their hoarding, agree to appear on national TV? Are they paid? Are the 'consultants', some of whom have genuine degrees in psychology or psychotherapy, others of whom have very dodgy credentials, paid? Are the hauling companies (usually the same ones) also paid? The show is highly edited with a lot of speedy zoom shots of rubbish filled rooms. How many hours of filming are needed to pare show down to requisite 45? minutes. Anybody know where I can find the answers? There's a book 'Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things' with excellent case studies,

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