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Hart of Dixie

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Release Year: 2011
Genre: Comedy Drama Romance
External Links: IMDB
No. of episodes: 77 episodes

Description : Zoe Hart is a recent medical school graduate who works tirelessly to be the best doctor she can be. But during her residency in New York she doesn't get the fellowship she wants, she is told she needs to treat her patients as people and is suggested to do some GP work. And it turns out that a doctor from Alabama saw her at her graduation and asked her to join his practice and he's been sending letters asking her to join his practice. That's when he decides to go. But when she arrives she learns that the man died and that he bequeathed his practice to her. And that his partner had been hoping to be the sole doctor in town, is not welcoming her with open arms. Also the man's daughter is very nasty to her. Zoe was about to leave but she learns why the man was interested in her and decides to stick it out.

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