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Ice Pilots Season 4

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Watch Ice Pilots Online - Season 4

Watch Series - Ice Pilots

Release Year: 2009
Genre: Documentary
External Links: IMDB
No. of episodes: 14 episodes

Description : These pilots fly neat old planes in one of the most hostile (and spectacular) environments on the planet, operating Buffalo Air out of Yellowknife, NWT.Their planes are chosen for toughness, reliability and cargo capacity. It can't be that cheap to run a DC-3 or a DC-4 nowadays, but the only reference to this was the owner grumbling about one newer plane that turned large quantities of jet fuel in to black smoke.With these ingredients it would be hard to make a show like this dull. I have seen it described as Ice Road Truckers in planes, but aviation in the north is a completely different animal, and can never be taken for granted.