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Watch Head of the Class Online - Season 3

Watch Head of the Class Online

Release Year: 1986
Genres: Comedy
External Links: IMDB

Head of the Class Summary:

Charlie Moore is an actor in New York, who unfortunately hasn't had much luck. While waiting for an acting job, he works as a substitute teacher. Presently he gets a job at Fillmore high school being in charge of a class called the IHP, which he discovers upon arriving is class of geniuses. The Principal, Dr. Samuels expects who ever is there to just keep an eye on them and allow the students to study on their own. But Moore decides to tell them there are things that can't be found in books, and he also encourages some of the introvert students like Arvid to go out to live life. He also tries to help the students with some personality and attitude problems like Dennis, who likes playing jokes. Eric, the street smart kid, who doesn't like being there. Alan, who's a little pompous. And there's also Janice, the ten year old. After three years, some of the students, Maria, Jawarlahal, and Maria, felt it was time to move on. So Vicki, Alex, and Aristotle joined the IHP. The following year Mr. Moore got his big break, so he left and the new teacher was Billy MacGregor, a Scott, who liked making jokes to loosen the students.