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Lip Service Season 2 Episode 4

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L - Lip Service - Season 2 Episode 4

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Summary: "Lip Service" was one of MTV's original game-show series. Contestants were divided up into 2 teams of 3, with both teams battling to determine which group was more adept at the art of lip-sync. One round has both teams performing to a pre-rehearsed song of their choice...and the speed-round has each team member ad-libbing to randomly selected tunes, played in rapid-fire order. In another round, the in-house D.J. skipped the records to make things tougher. Points are awarded by a panel of judges for lip-sync & showmanship (the more the contestants dance and jerk around, the higher the score). The team with the most points at the end jump up and down and win some real lame prizes.[+]more

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