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Forever Knight Season 3 Episode 1

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F - Forever Knight - Season 3 Episode 1 - Black Buddha: Part 1

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Summary: The past is never far behind. True for anyone as it is for Nick Knight, an eight hundred year old vampire struggling to recant his old violent ways and seek the humanity he lost the only way he can as a homicide detective on the Toronto police force. With him on his quest is beautiful forensics Doctor Natalie Lambert, one of the few humans to know of his true nature and committed to helping him regain his mortality. His partner Don Schanke, who while Nick's friend, is unaware of his supernatural powers, which has been causing a steady anger as to why Nick is always the first man on the scene. His master, Lucien LaCroix, whose persona as a radio call-in host called the Nightcrawler seems to home in on Nick's thoughts when faced with the dilemma of a case. His friend, confidant and one time paramour Janette, who sees Nick's quest to regain his humanity as nothing more than a long chain of folly, but still cares enough for the wayward vampire to lend a helpful ear, a much-needed voice and herself when Nick's true nature reasserts itself. Life can be hell; penance can be worse.[+]more