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Power Rangers Time Force Season 1 Episode 38

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P - Power Rangers Time Force - Season 1 Episode 38 - The End of Time: Part 1

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Summary: In a time where mutants are plagued by hatred from their human neighbors, one mutant rises up and takes a stand, his name Ransik, the 1st mutant ever created. Shunned by humanity all of his life, he rises up and gathers a group of mutants to resist their human neighbors. The only force that can stop them is the elite defense organization known as Time Force. Time Force captures most of the mutants only to be attacked and the mutants are freed. Ransik and his mutant brothers travel to the year 2001, Alex, the original Red Time Force Power Ranger tries to stop him in 3000 and is defeated and dies in the ensuing battle. Ransik is freed and journeys to the 21st century, Alex passes on his morpher and the technology the TF Rangers will need to utilize to save our time from certain doom. The Time Force Rangers follow him into the past and arrive in our time and meet Wes, an ancestor of Alex. he joins the team and they successfully protect the city of Silver Hills from it's 1st mutant attack. But will it be enough to stop Ransik?[+]more

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