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Designing Women Season 7 Episode 1

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D - Designing Women - Season 7 Episode 1 - Of Human Bondage

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Summary: Designing Women focuses on Julia Sugarbaker, a soft spoken southern woman and her ex-beauty queen and snobby sister Suzanne who own "Sugarbakers Design House" in Atlanta, Georgia. Their co-workers included the pretty red head Mary Jo and the sometimes dimwitted but also pretty Charlene. Anthony was a black ex-con just recently out of prison who got a job at Sugarbakers doing delivery work. The series mainly focuses on the five of them, but they got frequent visits from their friends, family and customers. Julia's sometimes commanding boyfriend Reese visited and so did Charlene's husband Bill who is a US Colonel. Further uproar in Mary Jo's part included her confrontations with her children Quint and Claudia and her ex-husband Ted, until she got a new boyfriend named J.D. By far, Sugarbaker's frequent customer was the crazy old lady named Bernice. In 1989, Reese died and Suzanne moved away. Julia was forced to babysit the rich spoiled 10-year old Randa Oliver for a few weeks and Julia and her made a quick relationship between young and old. In 1991, Charlene and Bill also left to pursue other things, but Charlene's sister Carlene took her place as well did Julia's mean, snobby cousin Allison. In 1993 Julia finally sold Sugarbaker's design firm to her friend and new co-worker Bonnie at the end of the series.[+]more